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Requirements for the Submission of Proposals for the Establishment or Name Change of University Centers or Institutes and Other Named or Titled Academic Units.

(See Faculty Manual sections B6 and C18 for more information)

 Revised 11/1/2023


A University Center or Institute (Faculty Manual Bylaw B6.5) is an independent academic unit of the University with its primary mission being multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research in an area specified in its charter. It involves faculty from different schools or different departments of a single school. A University Center or Institute, or any other such academic unit, however named or titled, shall not award tenure, confer degrees, or offer primary faculty appointments.

Other Named or Titled Academic Units coordinate and promote research, instruction, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., within a specified area. No such unit may award tenure, confer degrees, or offer primary faculty appointments independent of a department. Approval of the Faculty Senate and the President is not required if the unit is only a physical location or overwhelmingly engaged in the provision of clinical services to patients. (See Faculty Manual Section B6.6).

All non-CIM proposals must include the Proposal Submission Form submission form as well as the documents outlined here.