About Committees

General Welfare Committee (GWC)

The Committee, composed of the Chair, the Vice Chairs, and one senator elected by the Senate from each school/college, and the Library, holds monthly closed meetings throughout the academic year.

In addition to reviewing all proposals that are submitted to the Faculty Senate, the GWC may informally advise the President on general educational policy; collects and transmits the opinions of the faculty in the quadrennial review of the Provost, deans and chairs; informally discuss with a dean or other administrative officer alleged violations of good academic practices; and perform other duties the Senate may assign it through a Bylaw.

The sphere of interest of the GWC shall include general welfare, tenure, the academic freedom of faculty and of students, and faculty-administration relationships.

Membership list, meeting dates and proposal material deadlines can be found at the links "General Welfare Committee (GWC) Members" and "GWC meeting dates/materials deadline."

Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate

The work of the Faculty Senate begins with its Standing Committees. These committees report to the GWC and the Faculty Senate.

In the spring of each year, the Secretary of the Faculty Senate solicits volunteers willing to serve on the various committees. The Chair of the Faculty Senate appoints all Standing Committee members and chairs from the UNIVERSITY FACULTY taking into consideration the need to maintain the representative nature of such committees, the need for relevant expertise among the members of such committees, and the need for Faculty Senate representation on most committees.

Each committee chair schedules committee meetings based on pending issues and members' availability. Most meetings are held on Gables campus, but this may vary as determined by each committee chair.

Membership lists and committee charges can be found at the link "Standing Committees."

Other Committees

There are various administration committees that include faculty representation. As mandated on each committee's charge, specified faculty representatives are recommended by the Senate Chair.