Types of Legislation:

(See sections A10.6 – A10 of the Faculty Manual for more details on types of legislation.)

Class A Legislation

Senate actions that amend or revise the Faculty Government Charter. Must be ratified by a majority of the members of voting faculty who vote on the matter and subsequently be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Class B Legislation

Senate actions of a legislative nature over which legislation the faculty and the President have joint responsibility; or any Senate action whatsoever on matters submitted to it by the President; or the enactment of Bylaws that interpret this Charter.

Class C Legislation

Senate actions of a legislative nature over which the faculty normally has exclusive authority.

Class D Legislation

Actions of the Senate other than those of a legislative nature, including passage of resolutions, advice or recommendations, appointment of committees, reception of reports or information, and determination of Senate Bylaws. It is in the form of a resolution and no action is required from the President.

Notification Items

Hearing no objections to an item from the General Welfare Committee or the Faculty Senate, these proposals will be submitted and approved on documents only. No legislation will be written for these items. For more information on items that do not require formal Faculty Senate approval, but can be submitted as Notice Only, you may visit the following link on our website: Proposal Submission Specifications.