General Welfare Committee

The General Welfare Committee (GWC) is composed of the Senate Chair, Senate Vice Chairs, and one senator elected by the Senate from each school/college and the Library. The GWC holds closed monthly meetings throughout the academic year.

In addition to reviewing all proposals that are submitted for consideration by the Faculty Senate and approving the Senate agenda, the GWC may informally advise the President on general educational policy; collects and transmits the opinions of the faculty in the quadrennial review of the Provost, deans and chairs; informally discuss with a dean or other administrative officer alleged violations of good academic practices; and perform other duties the Senate may assign it through a Bylaw.

The GWC’s sphere of interest includes the general welfare of the university, the academic freedom of faculty and of students, matters of tenure, and faculty-administration relationships.

The current membership of the GWC can be found here.

Meeting dates and materials deadlines can be found here.