Faculty Manual

The Faculty Manual sets forth principles and procedures which protect our academic freedom, specifies our rights to participate in the governance of the University, and establishes the Faculty Senate. Its provisions are part of a faculty member’s contract with the University.

Section “A” is the Faculty Government Charter, and for over a half century represents the Constitution of faculty governance. It specifies governing principles which can only be amended by the Senate with the agreement of the President and the Trustees and an affirmative vote of the voting REGULAR FACULTY of the University.

Section “B” contains the Bylaws, which translate Charter provisions into practice and set forth the mandates for the Senate’s standing committees.

Section “C” details numerous governance matters, including:

• The categories of faculty and voting rights associated with each;
• Types of appointments, and tenure policies, rights, and procedures;
• Grounds and procedures for deciding allegations of unprofessional conduct and for termination for cause; and
• Sabbaticals and faculty benefits.

The Faculty Manual also contains the Faculty Handbook, which describes additional policies governing life at the university, such as consulting, ethics, conflicts of interest, harassment, outside speakers, discoveries and inventions, and classroom duties.