Government Charter Guidelines for Standing Committees

As of 8/7/18
A15 Committees[1] of the University Faculty[2]


A15.1    The Senate may create such standing committees of the University Faculty as are deemed necessary. These committees, including a definition of their area of responsibility, shall be delineated in the Bylaws.

A15.2     The Chair of the Senate, after appropriate consultation, shall appoint all committees of the University Faculty and shall name the committee chairs. The Chair shall report the membership of all committees to the Senate. Whenever possible, at least one member of the Senate shall be appointed to each committee. Matters within the sphere of interest of a committee may be referred to it by the faculty of a department or school or by the appropriate administrator. The committee shall act in accordance with existing policies of the University. A committee quorum shall consist of a majority of its members. The committee chair is entitled to cast a vote in committee decisions.

A15.3     Each committee of the University Faculty may define, more specifically, its sphere of interest, responsibility and authority and present such definitions for the approval of the Senate. Any committee may suggest to the Senate that it be separated into two or more subcommittees or that its size be increased or reduced. Any standing committee may itself appoint an ad hoc committee from the University Faculty to study a specified topic within its sphere of interest and report to the standing committee. 

A15.4     Before a committee acts, its chair shall inform all faculty and administrative agencies that the chair believes to have a direct interest in the matter under consideration and shall provide an opportunity for the presentation of their views. An adverse decision of a committee of the University Faculty may be appealed in writing to the Senate by the person or persons affected.


[1] See section B4 of the Faculty Government Bylaws for a list of committees

[2] See section A2.1(b) of the Faculty Government Charter for definition